Reach your life goals and start a new life in Singapore.

If you have found that the country you live is not offered the life style, opportunities, safety and better future you and your family expecting, Singapore is the right place for you work/ migrate. Unlike other developed countries in the world, Singapore welcomes talented foreigners who are willing to contribute. With its multiracial society, discriminate against foreigners are minimum when compared to other developed nations. Singapore is a travel hub and connected to the whole world with greater convenience. You may find Singapore as either place to settle down or as a stepping stone. Register with us to guide you through the job hunting process and expose you to the world of opportunities..


Create Your Profile!

  • Sign up for SECC Job Seeker Account
  • Follow the steps and complete the SECC Job Seeker profile
  • Submit an expression of interest (EOI) to visit Singapore for Job Seeker’s Workshop conducted by SECC


Assessment & Shortlisting

  • SECC to evaluate your expression of interest (EOI) based on the qualifications/ experience given in SECC’s Job Seeker profile
  • SECC to verify the details/ documents submitted
  • SECC to send an Invitation to Attend (ITA) to Job Seeker’s Workshop conducted by SECC


Interview & Selection

  • Applicant to evaluate the Invitation to Attend (ITA) received from SECC and choose a workshop program
  • Applicant to submit completed application forms, certified true copies of relevant documents and pay workshop fees stated on the application form
  • SECC to send a confirmation letter by confirming the reservation of place
  • Applicant to purchase 2 way air tickets and fly to Singapore on the date confirmed by SECC
  • Upon arrival in Singapore SECC will pick the applicants from airport and send to the accommodation arranged by SECC
  • SECC to conduct Induction Course at the date of arrival
  • Applicant to attend Job Seeker’s Workshop conducted by SECC based on the schedule given
  • Applicant to attend with job interviews arranged by SECC (subjected to employers invitations)
  • Applicant to attend to the workshop completion ceremony and dinner and to receive participation certificate
  • Applicants who did not secure a job placements to return back to their home town based on the date agreed
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